2012 Field Notes Chardonnay

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Great wine begins in the vineyard. Field Notes celebrates the efforts of our hard working growers who labor to produce the highest quality grapes possible.  These unsung (or, rarely sung) heroes work through the seasons in all conditions, watching weather forecasts, adjusting irrigation, thinning the vine canopy, and sometimes dropping fruit to achieve the optimum quality.  This Chardonnay was grown by Fred Hansen in Russian River Valley.  Under his care, the vines produced grapes of exceptional quality and character, with luscious honey and crisp apple notes.

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Richard Mansfield

Richard Mansfield

Winemaker, North American Wines, Blend Poet

A highly accomplished and passionate winemaker, Richard applies his sophisticated intellect to everything he does. In college, he learned German just to meet girls. To party with his friends, he made wine. That brainy approach to having fun eventually landed him in the wine business. After earning his undergraduate degree in Chemistry from the University of Oregon, he moved to Germany for a 3-year apprenticeship, and completed his dual Master's degrees in Viticulture and Enology from Germany's famed Institute of Winemaking in Geisenheim. He then moved back to the States and established his own winery, Callahan Ridge, in Oregon. Driven to expand his knowledge and extend his mastery, he moved to Napa, where he honed his skills as Winemaker at well-respected wineries such as Stags' Leap Winery, Palmaz Vineyards and the Bradford Mountain Winery. He joined WX in 2008 and his experience and depth of knowledge made an instant impact on the team. He has a deep commitment to quality and an exceptional ability for creating innovative blends that bring forward the best in each varietal. Away from work, Mansfield spends time with his wife Leslie at their home in St. Helena.

California - United States

California - United States

It is no surprise that California is the fourth largest wine region in the world. It is simply a grape paradise, and the wines it produces are big, complex and full of ripe flavors. With a sunny coastline that hugs chilly Pacific waters, California has the ideal climate for creating fruit-forward wines. During the summer, the days are long and warm and the grapes accumulate plump, juicy flavors. At night, cool breezes creep in from the nearby ocean and waterways, slowing down the accumulation of sugar and allowing bright, balancing acids to develop. The grapes ripen slowly, often lingering on the vine into late fall, which produces complex and well-balanced flavors.

Fruity White
Seared sea scallops, creamy soups, and fettucine Alfredo.
100% Chardonnay
750 ml
Alcohol by Volume