2015 Coopers Find Cabernet Sauvignon

Paso Robles, California
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Cooper’s Find  are small-lot wines selected from uniquely hand-crafted barrels. This Cabernet Sauvignon comes from Paso Robles, an area renowned for this varietal. This particular lot shows expressive character with dense black fruit, fragrant cedar and roasted coffee. 

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Kurt Lorenzi

Kurt Lorenzi

Vice-President, Winemaking & Sourcing, Vineyard Veteran

Kurt oversees the WX global winemaking team. No small task, but with 30-plus years in the industry, it is something he does with ease and grace. Over his career, he has accumulated countless awards, not only as a winemaker, but also as a distiller and brewer. As the Winemaker at Estrella River Winery, he helped pioneer Paso Robles’ rise as a prominent wine region, then joined the founding team at Jepson Winery & Distillery, where he spent 15 years as a winemaker and master distiller.  He has been with WX since 2000, where he continues to explore wine regions around the world and rack up accolades. His secret: finding small lots of wine with amazing pedigree and expressive varietal character. When he’s not in the cellar, you can find Kurt cycling, sailing or skiing. He resides in Mill Valley, California with his wife and dog.

Paso Robles, California - United States

Paso Robles, United States - United States

A rising star in California's wine scene, Paso Robles is producing stellar wines while also holding strong to its Wild West roots. With a laid-back attitude, innovative spirit and maverick ways, Paso winemakers are capitalizing on the bounty of sunshine and diversity of soils to produce exciting wines. It is an extremely large and diverse region bordered by the Santa Lucia Mountains running the length of its western side. The area has over 45 different soils, including granite, sedimentary, volcanic and sandstone. Most notable however are the calcareous soils, which carry higher pH levels that naturally reduce vine vigor. Ideal for this warm climate, these soils control the ripening process and allow the fruit to retain its natural acidity. Large diurnal shifts also help balance the grapes. At night, temperatures can drop almost 40 degrees which arrests sugar development, slows maturation and extends hang time on the vine for complex flavor development. 

Bold Red
Hangar steak with red wine sauce; Roasted duck with a dried-cherry sauce; Scalloped Yukon gold potatoes
Cabernet Sauvignon
750 ml
Alcohol by Volume