Thanksgiving Wine Pairing 101

If you're starting to think about Thanksgiving, it's time to start thinking about wine. It's safe to say the meal won't taste quite as good (and the in-laws won't be nearly as interesting) without it. But selecting the right wine is not always the easiest task. With the variety of dishes on the table and a range of tastes among the guests, it can be a challenge to find the right bottle. To help, we've come up with a few recommendations that are not only crowd pleasers, but also pair well with a variety of dishes from turkey to sweet potatoes.

For whites:

  • Riesling or Gewürztraminer: These wines tend to have a lighter body, refreshing palate and a hint of sweetness that complement rich sauces as well as sweeter dishes like yams and cranberry sauce. We recommend the 2014 Shadowland Riesling.
  • Sauvignon Blanc: Wines with a good amount of acid make the best food pairings, and Sauvignon Blanc has that mouthwatering ability in spades. The crisp, juicy flavors can stand up to a variety of flavors without falling flat. We like the 2016 Drake Hudson Sauvignon Blanc for its lively fruits and approachable profile.

For reds:

  • Pinot Noir: With a lighter body and bright, juicy flavors, Pinot Noir has the versatility to pair with both the subtle flavors of turkey and bolder side dishes like stuffing. Try the 2013 Reata Pinot Noir, which has complex flavors and subtle spices perfect for the occasion.
  • Zinfandel: This all-American varietal is a must for the Thanksgiving table. With juicy fruit flavors and softer tannins, Zinfandel allows you to have the bold flavors of a big red wine without overpowering the food. Try to find one with bright acids and lower alcohol. We suggest the 2014 Whiplash Zinfandel.