2016 Bread & Butter Chardonnay

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2018 - Silver - San Francisco International Wine Competition
2018 - Silver - TEXSOM International Wine Competition
2018 - Silver - Los Angeles International Wine Competition
2018 - Bronze - Houston Rodeo Uncorked International Wine Competition

Bread & Butter wines take their name from the natural aromas and flavors that develop during winemaking. The wine has fragrant white fruits and bright citrus notes perfectly balanced with rich tropical flavors. Malolactic fermentation imparts a mellow creaminess and length on the palate, followed by a hint of vanilla and spice from oak aging.

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Stefano Migotto

Winemaker, Bread & Butter, Wine Geek

A third-generation Italian vintner and self-professed gearhead, Stefano is undeniably a 'Passionate Wine Geek.' And he’ll admit it (even the geek part, if you’re talking about his fascination with wine equipment). He grew up on his family’s winery in Northern Italy and has been involved with wine from the time he could walk. In 1998, he decided to move to California and went to work for Fransciscan Vineyards and then Gundlach Bundschu as Assistant Winemaker. Wanting to start his own business, he combined his love of winemaking and machinery to start Winetech, a company that serviced wineries with winemaking equipment (this is where the geeky part comes, think: rotary vacuum drum extractor, crossflow filtering and reverse osmosis). In 2006, he and his partners founded Ca’Momi Winery in Napa Valley. Rooted in soulful Italian tradition, they produced wines that were full-bodied, big-hearted and made for gathering around the dinner table. In 2013, he became Winemaker for Bread & Butter, a perfect fit for his energy and passion. (It's just coincidence that the wines are named for his favorite thing, the winemaking process.)

Bread Butter, California - United States

Carneros and Arroyo Seco, California - United States

The intricate balance and layers in this wine come from multiple vineyard sourcing. In this case, we utilized two cooler growing regions on the California coast, Carneros and Arroyo Seco. Stradling the Napa-Sonoma border at the northern tip of San Pablo Bay, Carneros is renowned for its prevalent fog and long growing season that produce grapes with bright acids and fresh, crisp flavors. Arroyo Seco is located in Central California in Monterey County. One of the earliest recognized viticultural areas in the state, this small region has an ideal balance of warm days tempered by coastal breezes from the Pacific. The grapes develop rich sugars and fine balancing acids. Together, these two regions create wines of beauty and grace.

Full Bodied White
Baked chicken, creamy pastas or soups, squash and winter vegetables
100% Chardonnay
750 ml
Alcohol by Volume