2016 Our Daily Organic Chardonnay

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Our Daily has been making organic wines since 1989. As with all their wines, this Chardonnay is made from organic grapes.  It is also gluten-free and vegan. You can serve this wine to any guest at any occasion. It shows beautiful varietal character with bright fruit and a hint of toast.

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Justin Weibel

Winemaker, Organic Wines, Homegrown Traveler

Driving change in the wine industry is in Justin Weibel’s blood. His family’s winery, Weibel Vineyards, helped revitalize the quality of wine in America after Prohibition. Today, he continues in that spirit with his dedication to making organic wines. “Creating sustainable and organic wines is crucial,” Weibel observes. “This is our opportunity to ensure the health and growth for future generations.” Justin grew up in the vineyards and is fourth generation winemaker. His family emigrated from Switzerland in the 1930s and Justin’s grandfather and great grandfather made sparkling wine in the basement of San Francisco’s William Tell Hotel. Later, they established their family winery in the Central Valley, where Justin served as head Winemaker for several years. With an itch to travel, he took to the road as a winemaking consultant, spending several years in Turkey and at Iowa State University. He joined WX in 2013 to spearhead the organic wines. With his deep knowledge of winemaking and winegrowing, he has made a huge contribution to the team.

California - United States

California - United States

It is no surprise that California is the fourth largest wine region in the world. It is simply a grape paradise, and the wines it produces are big, complex and full of ripe flavors. With a sunny coastline that hugs chilly Pacific waters, California has the ideal climate for creating fruit-forward wines. During the summer, the days are long and warm, allowing the development of plump, juicy flavors. Each night, cool breezes creep in from the nearby ocean and waterways, slowing down the accumulation of sugar and allowing bright, balancing acids to develop. The grapes ripen slowly, often lingering on the vine into late fall, which produces complex and well-balanced flavors.

Fruity White
Baked potatoes; Roasted butternut squash; Zucchini risotto
750 ml
Alcohol by Volume